Mobile App Solutions

Jasyc making the Most of the Mobile application Solutions

Jasyc is known for the category of the mobile app solutions. We provide with the best ways in business so that you can successfully create mobile applications with the best of ease. With the best of solutions we help you create native applications for the iphones, the ipads and the androids. Jasyc even has the best expert to help in the designing of the mobile websites at the best. We have the first rate section of mobile application solutions and this can really help to make the difference. With the solution in hand you can give your customers perfect GPS directions in the field of business from any global destination.

One Touch Calling and Tell a Friend Features

Jasyc is known for helping with the right and tested mobile app solutions. We will tell you about the specification of one touch calling. This can be done with the app in possession. For the reason you don’t have to remember or save the numbers. We can even help you with tell a friend feature. In the way we let the customers take the business viral with the built in sharing capabilities through emailing, Twitter, SMS and facebook. This is a master way we can guide you to stay connected ever and share details at the same time.

Food Ordering and Direct Purchasing

We are proud to posses the option of mobile solutions services. We make things so easy from the convenience home. You will learn about the food ordering feature from the cell phone. We allow the restaurants and the clients place orders for food directly with the help of the mobile application. For this one can even make use of the mobile website. Ay Jasyc you come to know about Mobile Shopping Cart. This way the customers can make direct purchase of the products with the help of the mobile application or the mobile website. You order for the item and it would be sent to your doorstep at the earliest.

Mobile Reservation and Music Player Features

We have in hold more convenient and innovative mobile solutions services. We are proud to help with the mobile reservation feature. This will allow the customer to make a booking of the mobile reservation and this can at best increase the amount of business revenue. We even have in hold the Music Player Feature. We help you suffice your fans and customers the opportunity to listen and even purchase music as part of the application.

Loyalty Card and Email Form Distribution

Jasyc believes in mobile application management. We have the perfect Loyalty Card Feature. This will help you reward the dedicated customers for frequenting your online platform and even make a purchase from your small online business. We help you make money from the convenience of your home at best. We even distribute custom email forms. In the way we create the custom email form for various reasons like leads, reservations, loans, appointments and the rest. Once you are in possession of the form life becomes easy for you. It is just like making processes simple and hassle free.

Video Integration and Event Attendance

At Jasyc we make the most of the mobile application management and under the head we have the video integration feature. In the way we help you integrate the YouTube channel in the most impressive and displayed format for the ease of your customers. We even make you enjoy the latest feature of Event Attendance. The users of the feature in the way will be able to notify the rest of the members in matters of attending an event as part of the mobile application. The experience is sure to be great.