The practice of newsletter marketing has been adopted by a majority of the companies being operated online to impart information as well as to advertise their products, especially to existing and potential customers. We, at JASYC, can help you keep your company’s brand name on the top of your consumers' mind through the help of newsletters.

Potential goals which we can help you achieve through newsletter marketing:
  • Increase in the number of recipients
  • Increased number of readers which could be measured through the “open rate” of newsletters.
  • An increase in the number of visitors to your page by clicks received through newsletters.
  • And ultimately, an increased number of purchases through your web page.
Why Newsletter?

Increased Sales: Through an email addressing your product, you can not only impart information about your product but also showcase its advantages to your potential customer and drag him to a point to buy your product. Moreover, people are greatly attracted to promotions such as coupons and discounts which can boost your online sales.

A Regular Connect with your Customers: People tend to try new things, however, if a trusted company keeps their clients in touch through regular newsletter feed, they are likely to come back again and buy your new products.

Make your Social Media Accounts Overflow: Newsletter act as a really effective way to boost your social media presence. Social media sharing have the highest probabilities of getting clicked. Therefore, newsletters can also help you grab business opportunities from social media platforms such as Facebook.

Increased Traffic to your Web Page: It is most unlikely to get customers visit your website organically. Newsletters play an effective role in keeping a check on the number of regular visitors on your site and help you regulate them through emails.

Easiest Way of Growing your Presence: Newsletters are not at all tough to be organized and implemented. We as professionals can help you increase your presence in the online world with least of the efforts from your side and work as per the guidelines and goals set by you.

How our team at JASYC can help you elevate your services through effective newsletters?

  • We can help you add an extra value to the services provided by your company/firm. Newsletters can provide added values and discounts to the existing users.
  • We can help you use the newsletters as a networking tool to reach out to the clients as well as the professionals to help you expand your limits.
  • We can help you shorten your sales procedure, therefore, help you cut down sales expenditures through newsletter marketing
  • We can help you expand your contact and business through sending newsletters to the people who can benefit your business in return for an exchange with their business card, therefore, a win-win situation.
  • We can help you get business again from the former clients. Sometimes, clients tend to change their direction even when they are satisfied with your work if there prevails and insufficient regular contact and information exchange which can be achieved through regular newsletter marketing strategies.

Ultimately, the core idea of a newsletter is to impart awareness amongst the masses not only about the services being offered by you, but also to impart an idea of how you will deal with your clients. If they are provided with the proper information, they even might be compelled to at least have a look at your product and eventually buy it off. So what are you waiting for? Tighten your seat belts and get ready for an exponential kick to give a boost to your existing business.